Sunday, February 18, 2007


Welcome to the testing ground for the Arts Ensemble Library Online.

A small number of files from the library have been uploaded to this site, in backwards alphabetical order, so that chronologically the files as you read it here appear in alphabetical order.

Each posting is headed by the name of the composer, followed by the file name and the file number. Also included is the section where the file is located, which is linked to a map of the library indicating the area in question.

At the end of each posting, several labels are attached which describe the instrumentation, period/genre of music, and if the work is Urtext. These categories are available in the side bar to the right.

Please remember that this is a testing ground, and not the actual site of the library. This current blog is from the Manager's personal profile account, and cannot be transfered to a future Manager of the Library. For best results, an official IUSB email and web account for the Library is to be created before the actual online library can proceed. It is not in the plans to add new files to this site but to wait for the main site to be created.

A possible future addition is a chat box to request delivery of a file or other duties for the Manager.

Your comments and suggestions are, as always, welcome. I am confident that this is a promising step forward for Library.

Andrew Filmer

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